HURA Is the Official IAB Croatia Licensee – What Does It Mean for the National Market?

HURA’s key executive Dunja Ivana Ballon named as the Director of IAB Croatia – the national branch of the global association that operates under the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which unites the global digital marketing industry worth 69 billion euros in Europe alone.

Vijest na hrvatskom pročitajte ovdje.

The Croatian Association of Communications Agencies (HURA), the leading industry association, whose 53 members comprise 75% of all advertising budgets in Croatia and are some of the best and most acclaimed Croatian agencies, joined the IAB Global Network organisation. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Croatia, as the ambassador for the interactive marketing industry and part of the IAB Global Network, is committed to growing the industry and setting the highest standard of the Croatian interactive marketing market. Good news for all local marketeers – IAB Croatia is now being led by HURA’s experienced team and new Director Dunja Ivana Ballon, who will drive this aspect of the industry forward.

This important acquisition will enrich the market with educational resources, specialised trainings, market research, analyses, and more, all of which will be exclusively available through IAB Croatia. You can expect the long-awaited Online Media Advertising Expenditure Report for Croatia – the annual analysis of data on advertising spending in online media, as well as thorough IAB industry guidelines on online ad formats, which will serve as comprehensive recommendations of advertising experiences across a diverse digital landscape.

IAB Croatia also brings the industry together through the national awards competition celebrating the best in digital that HURA has been organising, even achieving the biggest number of entries ever this year. Being a trusted source of information through education, training, and guidance is a top priority for this market initiative, as shown by many online talks and workshops held on topics such as data measurement, improving customer experience, the end of third-party cookies – with many more in the works already.

Dunja Ivana Ballon, new Director at IAB Croatia and Executive Director at HURA, photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

This is an important moment for the Croatian market – and an opportunity to further empower it, with a special privilege to work side by side with the IAB Global Network”, stated Dunja Ivana Ballon, new Director at IAB Croatia and Executive Director at HURA. “Always insisting on the highest standard of professionalism is who we are, so we already have big plans in the works, with bold choices and various benefits for the industry. Everyone who wishes to expand the industry’s potential for advancing the digital economy is welcomed to become a part of IAB Croatia”, Ballon added.

IAB is a home for all interactive marketing companies where they can connect, exchange best practices and stand united as a collective voice towards interest groups and regulators, championing the industry’s best interests as one. The goal is to enable future innovation and sustainability via lobbying on the national and European Union (EU) level and addressing the issues most relevant to the interactive marketing community, such as third-party cookies, customer privacy, and financial risks. The Croatian market will receive access to IAB’s database of invaluable resources that track and evaluate the digital industry’s market position, illustrate emerging industry trends, educate everyone on the market and connect them on a global scale.

Alexandra Salomon, VP and Head of Global Business Development, IAB Tech Lab

“We are thrilled to have HURA re-launch IAB Croatia, and join the 46 other IAB organisations in the IAB Global Network,” said Alexandra Salomon, VP and Head of Global Business Development, IAB Tech Lab. “Building on the growing success of the IAB Croatia MIXX Awards, which HURA has contributed to, and the team’s expertise in the Croatian market, we are confident their dedication to leading key industry initiatives and their commitment to meeting critical issues will be taken head on.”

IAB Croatia fosters a healthy ecosystem that enables everyone working in interactive marketing to grow. Therefore, we connected with our fellow colleagues from other IABs as well as with local partners, with whom we plan to work collaboratively on specialised issues.

Anđela Buljan Šiber, Chairwoman at HURA and IAB Croatia, Dunja Ivana Ballon, new Director at IAB Croatia and Executive Director at HURA, and Jan Jilek, former President at IAB Croatia, photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Croatia already has more than 50 members, which became a part of the global organisation through HURA. Operating within HURA’s internal structure, IAB Croatia addresses the growing need of companies and publishers to stand united on the national and international market and provide the resources businesses need to grow their brands successfully and sustainably. If you are interested in becoming a member of IAB Croatia, you can find more information on